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Selasa, 23 November 2010

Analysis on the Novel Tittled "The Man of Property" by John Galsworthy

After the writer reads a small, short novel titled “A Man of Property”, he, finally could finish his assignment from his Literature Lecturer, Miss Diah. Then, the following is the result of what he can do in observing, analyzing, and concluding about the elements that should be in a novel, especially in a novel that he has read. Those elements are Title, Point of View, Dramatic Conflict, Theme, Plot, Characterization, Setting, and Style of the novel. However, before the writer comes to write all the elements, he firstly writes some things about the author and the Synopsis of this story.

About the Author
John Glasworthy was born in Surrey, England in 14th August, 1867. The Glasworthys were rich and shortly after he was born, the family moved into a fine house on a very large estate in Coombe, in Surrey. It was this home that Glasworthy was thinking about when he wrote about Robin hill in his story, The Forsyte Saga.
When he was 14, Glasworthy went to Harrow, the famous boys’ school. Five years later, he went to new college, Oxford to study law. However, he was not a particularly clever student-he preferred to watch horse racing!
Glasworthy passed his exams but did not do much law work. In 1895, Glasworthy had met and fallen in love with a singing teacher, Sybil Carr. His family did not approve of this young woman and so they had sent him abroad. He travelled to Canada, the Carribbean and Russia.
Glasworthy married his wife, Ada, in 1905. She and Galsworthy had met ten years earlier at a family party to celebrate Ada’s marriage to Galsworthy’s cousin, Arthur. Ada and Arthur’s marriage was very unhappy. Galsworthy heard about Ada’s troubles and they began to meet secretly. When people found out about Ada and John, they were shocked. The lovers were not accepted by fashionable society.
Both his brother-in-law, the painter George Sauter, and Ada encouraged Galsworthy to write. For eleven years he did not earn any money. But in 1906, Galsworthy wrote The Man of Property and it was a great success. People thought it told the story of Ada and her unhappy marriage to Arthur.
Galsworthy wrote books, plays, articles, and letters. He was very interested and concerned about many political and social issues.
In 1910, Galsworthy met a young dancer, Margaret Morris. Margaret was 19 and John was 43. She was acting in his play, The Little Dream. Ada did not say anything when she found out that her husband was in love with the young woman. Galsworthy finally decided to try and forget Margaret and then he and Ada went abroad.
Galsworthy was unable to fight in the First World War (1914-18). He was too old. Instead he worked in a hospital in France. Later he gave his house in England to be used as a hospital for wounded Soldiers.
Galsworthy was given honorary degrees from Princeton and Dublin universities. In 1926, Galsworthy bought a large house in Sussex. By then he was a famous writer and a rich ‘man of property’.
Galsworthy was given the Noble Prize for Literature in 1932. He died on 31st January, 1933 after six months’ of illness. He was 65 years old.

On 15th of June, 1986, Bosinney came to engage June, the grand-daughter of Mr. Old Jolyon. Mr. Old Jolyon is one of the richest person in Stanhope Gate, London. Bosinney is a poor young man, but he is an Arcithect that people said he is respected by other Architect for his cleverness. Because of the property of Bosinney, the engagement is hated by the Forsytes. Even the Forsites then call Bosinney as Bucceneer (a careless, kind robber). T he Old Jolyon also worries about this. He is afraid if Bosinney dislike June, but June really like Bosinney because June is not beautiful woman. He was afraid if the incident that came to his own son, Young Jolyon, happens to her. Young Jolyon was married to a woman to whom he disliked, so he then left his family, and also his father, to marry to the woman he liked.
Soams, one of the Forsytes, has a beautiful wife, Irene. He really like property till his wife is considered as his property too. It made his wife disliked him, but he didn’t care. Because of Soams’s action, people called him “The Man of Property”.
One time Soams felt that his home is not so wide enough again to collect his paintings. He then thought to make a new more beautiful one in the country. The house was not aimed for his paintings only, but also for his beautiful wife too. He wanted to build it in Robin Hill.
Furethere more, he remembered that Bosinney was a good architect, but he was new and poor architect. He guessed that he would spend little money to build a good taste house with him. Therefore, he then went to Bosinney’s office to talk about it. After they agreed, Soams invited Bosinney to see the scene in the Robin Hill. From the first time, that is when they decided the place where the house would be built, they had made disagreement. Soams, on one side, wanted to build the house at the lower area because the cost was rather cheap. Bosinney, on the other side, wanted to build the house on the top of the hill because the scene was beautiful. After there was some debate, the place then was agreed at the top of the hill.
The next problem appeared at how much the house would be cost. Soams, on one side, wanted to cost the house £8000. However, Bosinney would only build the house on the cost of £8500. After they have some debate, Soams finally agreed to the cost. Not only on the friction, the next friction also came when the house had been finished, but had not been decorated. Soams wanted Bosinney to decorate the house on the cost of £12000 for total cost of the house. However Bosinney would only be agreed if the cost was more than it. He rationalized that he was an artist but not a business man. After all, Soams finally agreed with the additional cost £50 with “a free hand”
Through the way the house was finished, Irene’s love to Bosinney grew up. It was at least caused by the amount of their meeting became higher. When the building of the house was running, Soams often invited Bosinney to have dinner with them and let Irene talk to him. Irene also often meets Bosinney after all. First, they could meet and had a kiss under a tree when Irene had a visit to Robin Hill with uncle Swithin. They also can meet and be on the same carriage when they were at Richmon to have dinner with Dartie and Winifred, Soams sister. Even when the house had been finished, they could meet each other more often than before. It is why their love grew up and up.
Bosinney and Irene’s love then was known by the forsytes. James, June, Old Jolyon, Young Jolyon, Winifred, Dartie and Soams knew this. It seems to be a scandal for the forsytes.
Finally, Soams’ angry then made Bosinney have law case. The case was Bosinney had spent £350 than the money Soames had agreed to pay for the house. The case was brought to the court. And then the court finally decided that Bosinney should pay back Soams the extra money that was £350 and ruined him.
Bosinney didn’t arrive at the court, just hisbarrister. He apparently wanted to bring Irene to go away from Soam’s house because at the time Soams arrived at his home, after winning his case in the court, he noticed his wife didn’t at home again. His maid said that Irene had gone with a big case. Knowing this, Soams was so sad. He thought that he had got lost his beautiful wife. He told his parent about this but his parent couldn’t do anything.
The next day, Bosinney was announced that he was death. The police spoke this to Mr. Old Jolyon when he was at James’ house to talk about his willing to buy the house at Robin Hill. Every body was mourning as they saw him at the hospital. There were some talks that he was death of suicide, but the police said he got an accident, fell down from the carriage, in the fog.
The last, Irene went back to Soams’ house because she didn’t meet Bosinney. Soams knew this after he got home from the hospital. He was then confused to face his wife. There were some parts in his heart to let his wife go away in unlimited time, but then he thought that his wife couldn’t go eny where again. It, finally, made him so happy because he had won everything. He had been success to get his beautiful wife again, to have a beautiful-different house, and ruin Bosinney from the court, then finally Bosinney was denounced that he was death. It was Soams, The Man of Property, who won everything in this story.

a. Title
The novel is titled “A Man of Property”.

b. Point of View
The writer of the novel used the third person point of view. It can be seen at how he told the reader about the living of the main character, Philip Bossiney (a buccaneer). He told about the living of Bossiney and the forsytes (a polite family), Mr. Soam, Mr. Old and Young Jolyon, Irene, June, Mr. James, so on.
However, the novel also contains the Dramatic Point of View and Omniscient Point of View. We can see the Dramatic Point of View through some parts of the novel. In the “An Evening at the Theatre”, we can find “Irene’s voice answered, ‘we can talk at dinner.’
‘I won’t be able to talk to you at dinner,’ Bosinney continued.
‘Come down to the house on Sunday. We can be alone there.’
Irene looked up and saw June standing by the door. The two women looked at each aother. Bosinney was standing with his back to the door and didn’t realized that June was in the room.” (P:34)
Then, we also can find the Omniscient Point of view. For example, in the ‘I could Hold on Too’, we can find “Bosinney walked quickly away and Young Jolyon looked after him sadly. He could understand Bosinney’s feeling about Irene, but he could also understand Soams feelings. Soams was a Forsyte. He would hold on to his property even if it made him very unhappy.

c. Dramatic Conflict
This novel mainly is domnated with the social Conflict between Mr. Soam and his wife, Irene; Bossiney and his engagement woman, June; Mr. Old Jolyon and his son, Young Jolyon; Mr. Soams Forsyte and Philip Bossiney. However, Psychological Conflict also is found in it. It can be proved by the problem that Mr. Old Jolyon has in him. Mrs. Soam’s (Irene’s) problem in her also conveys the psychological conflict. Some parts also perform the confuseness of Mr. Soam to break the dillema he has. June’s problem in her also adds up the Psychological conflict of this novel. Clearly, the following citations will show the Dramatic conflict.
- Social Conflict
In this novel we’ll find the conflict between Mr. Soams and bosinney when Mr. Soams wants to build a house in the countriside for his wife and paintings. At first, they drown in a friction to decide the cost of the planned house (P.31) and (P.47-48). However, the conflict then flows to the love problem. Irene (Mr. Soams’ wife) loves Bosinney and their love grows up as Bosinney do Soams’ house. Finally, Soames brings Bosinney to the Court because Bosinney has spent much more money than the money that Mr. Soams agrees before to build the house.
We also can find social conflict between Soams and Irene as Soams forced Irene to stay the night with him in Irene’s room. We can find this in “Bosinney in the Fog”. This action made Irene cried along the night even until the morning.
We also can find the conflict between Bosinney with Dartie as they come along together to the Richmond. Although Dartie has had a wife, he also likes Irene. On the way home, Dartie wants to be on the same carriage with Irene, but then Bosinney was anggry at him. We can find this in “the Dance”
We also can find the conflict between Irene and June. Irene is June’s best friend, but then Irene has love to Bosinney. This case then becomes the problem. Having love with Irene, bosinney then rather dislikes with June. June then is anggry at Irene.

- Psychological Conflict
Psychological Conflict can be found at June, where she is very hurted by what Irene does with Bosinney. She becomes pale and thin because of her true love to Bosinney is not responded. She was very hit with that.
We also will find the confusion of Mr. Old Jolyon to let the engagement of June and Bosinney or not. He was afraid if the incident twelve years before (that hisson Yong Jolyon had left her and his wife to married to another woman he loved to) wiould come to his family again. It made him confused. (P:19)

d. Theme
This novel wants to tell us about the value that some British hold, especially the rich’s (polite family’s). We can see at how Mr. Soam values his property (painting, home, etc). He likes the beauty of his paintings and home but just as property. Even he also expects that his wife is like his property too, that should be taken care as a property not as human who has feeling.
Furthermore, this novel also wants to advise us that happiness cannot only be gotten by fulfilling our physical needs, but more than it, our psychological silence and peace is much more needed than just money or any jewel.

e. Plot
The plot of the novel is as listed bellow:
- The Forsytes meet Philip Bosinney.
It’s the first time Philip Bossiney came into the life of the Forsytes. He came to engage June, Old Jolyon’s grand-daughter. All the forsytes came into the glorious home owned by Mr. Old Jolyon. In fact, Mr. Old Jolyon rather disagreed with the coming of Bosinney into the Forsytes and also other forsytes too, for Bosinney’s look is not as usual as other Forsytes. Bosinney is poor man, whereas June is the grand-daughter of Mr. Old forsyte (one of the richest man in the city). He even doesn’t have any home, but he is an Arcitect. People say he is a good Architect and will make some great buildings. He just has a bad, small office where he works.

- Philip Bossiney meets Irene.
In the engagement party, as June and Bossiney walked around the room where the party took place (Old Jolyon’s Painting Room), Bosinney knew someone beautiful for him and also for all the Forsytes, Irene. After Bosinney asked June about the woman who interested him, he then knew her. Bosinney knew Irene and June wanted they became good friends. However, this is the beginning of the coming of the problem which will appear next.

- A lonely Old Man.
Although Mr. Old Jolyon rather disagreed with the engagement, he liked to see his grand-daughter happy any way. He worried about what has happened to his son, Young Jolyon, fourteen years ago. Young Jolyon was oppressed by him to marry to a woman he disliked. Finally, the marriage became failure as June had been born. Young Jolyon left his death wife and his daughter to marry with a woman to whom he liked, although he would live in difficulties. Then now, his not so beautiful grand-daughter, June, is going to marry to Philip Bosinney. June did like Bosinney, but Bosinney apparently didn’t so like June, because of her un-beautiful face and body. June is not as beautiluf as and also not as tall as Irene. Mr. Old jolyon knew this and it was what made his feeling not so free in the happiness he gets.
Now the Old Man is eager to meet his son because after the engagement, June and Bosinney left him alone at the very big home. He is lonely as and old man who lives in a big house.

- Soams Forsyte decides to build a house.
Soams forsyte is one of rich men in the city. He really likes his wealth; even people call him “The Man of Property”. He really likes the beauty of his property, such painting and home. He also likes the beauty of his wife Irene. Irene is really beautiful for him and for everyone. However, Soams has his own way to convey his esthetics to his property. He considers his wife such his property too. He decorates his beautiful wife with some pricefull jewelry, but he doesn’t behave to his wife that he is Irene’s husband.
Because of the beauty of his wife and also the limit place for his good paintings in his painting room of his home, he then decides to build a fine home in the country. He wants to make a great home for Irene and his paintings.

- The Plans of the House.
At this stage, Bosinney on his way to finish his job to make the drawing of the construction of the house on his paper. He then performs his result to Soams. After they are in a hard moment to achieve an agreement about the cost of the house, finally, Soams agree with Bosinney.

- Soams and Bossiney Disagree.
The house has been finished but the bill has shocked Soams for it is too much more expensive than Soams has agreed before. Although Soams disagree on the amount of money, he keeps believe in bosinney to decorate his beautiful house.

- An Evening at the Theatre.
It is the first time June saw Irene and Bosinney in a silent room (theatre) dancing together. It was happened as Bosinney and June were invited to have dinner together in Soams’ house. It was the next step of the blooming of love between Irene and Bosinney. Irene, at the time, informed Bosinney that she would have a drive to the house with uncle Swithin. As June Knew this and she wanted to take part on the plan, Irene didn’t allow her.

- A Drive with Uncle Swithin.
Irene went to the house with uncle Swithin. As they had arrived at the house, Mr. Swithin then was sleepy. He then slept on a chair which was placed out of the house. While uncle Swithin was sleeping, Bosinney and Irene could speak together freely. They also had a kiss under the tree and no one know them. However, after uncle Swithin woke up from his sleep, he saw something odd between the two young.

- A Free Hand.
Bosinney was so anggry to Mr. Jame (Soam’s father) because he had come to the house and had said some words that make Bosinney anggry. He spoke that Bosinney had spent too much money. Bosinney then sent a letter to Soams that the content was about “a free hand”. It means that on the way he finished his job, he wanted to be free. He didn’t want another dictate him. Soams agreed, but he told that he only would spend money not more than £12000. However, Bosinney disagreed with the suggestion. He could not promis to spent money as much as that for he wanted to create a beautiful house for Irene. Soams then agree to add up the money, but only £50. Bosinney, finally, agreed to run the house untill finish.

- The Dance.
It was one day where there was a party at one of forsytes’ home. Ju ne wanted to come to the party. She said about it to her grandfather at breakfast in the morning. In fact, Mr. Old Jolyon had forbidden her not to come, but June insisted her grandfather to go to the party. At the night, she asked her maid to tell old Jolyon about her readiness. At eleven o’clock she and Mr. Old Jolyon went to the party. In deed, they were very late at the party. As they just came, June saw at Bosinney and Irene were dancing together. They were very close and saw each other into their eyes. This case made June angry and decided to go home suddenly. Until home, June was crying all the night. The next day, rumor was spread that June was in holiday by the sea with Mr. Old Jolyon.
At this stage, Bosinney’s love to Irene grew more and more. It showed by their visit to Richmond for dinner after Irene got invitation from Winifred, Soams’ sister.

- I can hold on too.
Although June was in Holiday by the sea, it didn’t change her condition. She was still bad. Mr. Old Jolyon then told Young Jolyon to spoke to Bosinney about his engagement to June, whether or not he married to June should be decided. At first, Young Jolyon seemed not to agree, but then he was willing to help June. However, he could not oppress Boainney to marry June.
By chance, Young jolyon meet Bosinney. He then told Bosinney that Forsytes will never give up their property (painting, house, or even a woman). Knowing it, Bosinney bewared and went away quickly with a strange smile.

- Will You Let Me Go?
In this chapter, we can seem that the house had been finished, but Irene didn’t want to leave London for she wanted to see Bosinney as often as possible. If she agreed to leave London and moved to Robin Hill, it meant that she would meet Bosinney hardly.
Even once she asked her husband to let her go because she seemed that her marriage was failure. However, Soams was angry at her as hearing such words.

- Bossiney in the Fog.
In this part, we will see that soams was angry at Bosinney and he wanted to prove that his wife had fallen in love with Bosinney. At the same day he forced his way to stay the night in Irene’s room. It made Irene cry all over the night.
The next day, it was a bad day for the weather was bad. There was fog all over London. In the fog, Dartie saw Bosinney with his angry face. He followed bosinney through the fog and Bosinney couldn’t see him because of the fog. He also saw Irene in the train. He guessed that Bosinney had met Irene. He also heard that Soams had forced his way to stay the night in Irene’s room from what Bosinney said at the night. Bosinney was angry at Soams.

- Forsytes Vs Bosinney.
In this chapter, we will read about the case of Soams Vs Bosinney in the court. The case was Bosinney had spent much more money than Soams agreed to. At the day before Soams had sent a letter that told bosinney could spend £12000 and could spend £50 more with a free hand. However, Bosinney had spent £350 more than Soams had agreed to.
At the last, the Court won Mr. Soams and told Bosinney to pay the additional money to Soams and would ruin him. Knowing this, Mr. james, Soams’ father was happy and proud of his son as a gentle man.

- Message in the Jewel Box.
Soams left the court happily because he had won the case in the court, but he then was afraid because he found his wife was not at home. His maid told her that Irene had gone. He was confused then. He couldn’t think anything now. He went to Bosinney’s office but he got nothing there. He then went to his father’s home. He told his problem to his parents. He was really afraid of the disappearance of Irene. He then went home again, went up stair, took Irene’s Jewel box, and noticed that all the jewel he had given was still there. He also noticed a piece of folded paper in it. He opened it and it was written “I think I have taken nothing that you or your family have given me”.

- Bosinney Disapears.
June had known about the case in the court. She decided to meet Bosinney in her office first but no one there. The door was locked. She then remembered that Bosinney kept a key under the doormat. After she unlocked the door and look around the untidy room, she heard someone stood behind her. She turned her face and saw Irene there. She noticed that Irene was so sad. Irene told her that she had left Soams and didn’t have right to be anywhere again.

- The Death of Philip Bosinney.
The information of the death of Bosinney came from the police who came to Jame’s house when Old Jolyon was there to talk about his willing to buy Soams’ house in Robin Hill. There were some talks that the death was caused by suicide. However, a police man said that it was an accident in the fog.

- This is My House.
At last, Soams went home and then he knew that his wife had come back to his house. In fact, in some parts of his feeling, he wanted to let his wife to leave him unlimited time. However, he then thought that his wife would never be able to go away from home again. She would be Soams’ own property now.

At last, the writer of this assignment can conclude that this novel uses Closed Plot, for this novel is ended by the conclusion that the author made.

f. Characterization
We can realize in the novel that the writer uses Dramatic Characterization in some ways and Analytic Characterization in some other ways.
Philip Bosinney
Philip Bosinney is a poor man, but he is a good architect. He also has no good interest to property.
“... he was a poor architect who did not even own a house. He lived in one untidy room behind his office. Some people said Bosinney was a clever achitect who would one day be a successful man. The houses he designed were unusual and in good taste. One day these housesmight be worth a lot of money, but Bosinney did not seem to care about that. He had no respect for property.” (P.12)
He is also an artist who knows about art and woman.
“I want the coloures to be exactly right,’ said Bosinney. ‘I want Irene to hear my ideas. She undrstands beauty and she will understand what I want.’ (P:33)”
Old Jolyon
Old Jolyon is an Old Rich man, but a lonely man. He also a stubborn too, like June. We can see it in the “A Lonely Old Man” (P:18-20)

Young Jolyon
Young Jolyon is a man that commit to his belief. He would do what would be good for him but not for his Father or else. He left his father and baby doughter to marry to a woman he loved to.

June is not a beautiful woman. She is small and slim with a great deal of bright red hair. However her red hair and blue eyes makes her interesting. She always says what she thinks and she is very stubborn, refusing to change her mind after she has decided something. (P:15)
Her heart was broken too as she knew that Bosinney disliked her, but liked Irene.
Holly and Jolly
They are Young Jolyon’s children with Helene Miller.
James is a forsytes. He is tall, thin, well dressed, and rich, but he is a mean man.
“He was, of course, a rich man and he owned several houses, but spending money made him feel unhappy and afraid. He never did anything without a great deal of careful thought.” (P:15)

Soams is much like his father, James. He is a Solicitor and business man. He does like his property, so people called him as The Man of Property. He is also e mean man too.
“’You and Philip must have dinner with us, June,’ said Irene with her soft voice.
‘Of course you must,’ said Soams
Irene turned to look at her husband as she spoke. The smile that had been on her face died away.
All the forsytes had noticed that Irene never smiled at her husband. Many of them had guessed that Soams and Irene were not happy together. But, as a family, they pretended not to notice. Old Jolyon had once called his nephew ‘The Man of Property’. Soams, more than any other Forsytes, loved to own property, especially things of beauty.” (P:16)
Irene is a beautiful woman. All people know her beauty. She is tall and very beautuful.
“... untill he noticed a tall, beautiful-dressed woman standing by herself.
This woman was standing very still and yet she seemed to move gently like a flower in the wind. Although she said very little, every one in the room looked at her. The women looked at her perfect clothes, but the men looked at hersoft, golden hair and large, dark eyes.” (P:16)
However, she is not a lucky woman. She was married to Soams, The Man of Property, and she didn’t happy with her marriage. Along her marriage to Soams, she had keeping her feeling in her heart. She showed it to Soams but not to others. “....All Forsytes had noticed Irene never smiled at her husband. Many of them had guessed that Soams and Irene were not happy together. But, as a family, they prtended not to notice” (P:16)
“‘I don’t want to go out, said Irene. ‘I have a headache.’
‘You always have a headache when I ask you to do something,’ Soams answered sharply.
‘I try to do what you want me to,’ Irene said quietly, ‘but I can’t. Before you married you promised me something. You promised to let me go if our marriage was not a success.’” (P:56).
Winifred is Soams’ sister. She is Dartie’s wife. In this story, she just has parts to know about what is happening to Bosinney and Irene, which has caused June sad and broken, then has a holiday with Old Jolyon by the sea.

Dartie is Winifred’s husband. He likes to be drunk. He also likes Irene as a beautiful woman.
“Winifred did’t want to take her own husband to Richmond. He often drank too much. Also Winifred knew that her husband thought Irene was very beautiful. He would want to talk to Irene all the evening and he would probably try to kiss her too.” (P:52)

Swithin is a tall, heavy man. He is unmarried and likes to spend his money on food, wine, and fine clothes.
“Swithin was tall too, but he was fat and heavy. Swithin was not married and he liked to spend his money on food, wine, and fine clothes. He always wore high stiff collars because he thought they were fashionable.” (P:15)

We can also find the Static Character and Dynamic Character in the novel.

g. Setting
As the writer of this essay knows that there are two kinds of setting, time and place. Then, this novel takes place in England, especially in London. Where the forsytes live is in the rich houses (big, wide, and full of artistic decoration). The houses are much like the palaces. It is the place for the upper class family. (P:11)
This novel also takes time in the nineteenth century, exactly in 1886, where the British still have their traditional way on looking at everything as property, including women. In the story we can see at how Mr. Soams Forsyte expects his wife as his property, but not as a truly human. (P:11)

h. Style
This novel seems to use “Dictation Style”, especially denotation because, through this novel, we’ll find most of the sentences are easy absorbed and understood. We also will find that there are some words that have meaning should be explained by the dictionary. For example, engagement, in page 11, mean when man and woman agree to marry one another they become engaged. The engagement usually takes place some time before the wedding. A party is usually given to celebrate the engagement.

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